We source our yarn from the best and most exclusive yarn companies in the world. They work with an anti-waste philosophy and use renewable energy to lessen the environmental impact and reducing the CO2 pollution emissions. They have committed to sustainability projects promoted by Greenpeace, Chemical Management 4Sustainability, Arce di Noè, Smart Yarn Project,
Systema Natvrae®  and more.

For the cashmere produced there are very few machines used in the harvesting of the fibres, the flocks are small and the land required is minimal resulting in a fabric that is entirely naturally produced. They are dedicated to help the protection of the territory, the welfare of animals and shepherds safeguarding the places of origin of the raw material.

They also work to help cashmere farmers to progressively improve the fibres they produce so they can gain improved economical sustainment with a smaller flock, which makes it far more sustainable for the community and for nature as a whole.

The majority of our yarn is shipped only from north of Italy to our factory in Spain. We work with small production lines distributed between only 3 looms. We make sure to use and reuse all yarn that we buy and the yarn rests from our production are given to friends and family dedicated to textile art.