At Victoria de Talhora we believe in slow fashion, in products that lasts a lifetime or longer. We create small limited edition collection and we also stock a wide range of classic products using our favourite and most loved yarns. We create beautiful scarves, foulards, necklaces, jumpers and cardigans for women. We also offer a range of foulards for men as well as a home collection with soft and luxurious blankets.

All our products are produced locally in our own factory in Spain. Our weaving master who’s heading up our factory has helped us since the beginning of Victoria de Talhora and now has over 40 years of experience. His daughter who grew up playing with the fabrics in the factory, knows the traditional textile techniques to perfection. She is the natural successor of her father and is, to our great joy, keeping the traditional weaving techniques alive.​

We weave all our pieces with genuine care and each step of the production follows strict quality control. Our traditional looms allow us to produce unique products and to obtain a high quality finish with seamless edges.

In our atelier in Altea we finish each product by hand. We wash and dry them outdoors, trim and finish the fringe and iron each piece before we finally display them in our permanent Showroom in Altea or in one of the stores we collaborate with around the world.

You can find Victoria de Talhora products online and in our store in Altea as well as at the exclusive Hotel Sha in Spain and at Crimson Cashmere in Paris, owned by our lovely friend Linda Wright.