Each step of our production is treated in an individual manner – from sourcing our 100% natural yarn to the creation of each individual piece. We use the best prime materials in the world from the most prestigious yarn companies in the world. Our yarn providers produce custom made colours and fantasy yarn specially made for us, this way we can offer completely exclusive products with a wide range of colours every season.

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Our design team collaborates closely with our factory to constantly invent and try out new texture and colour combinations all year around. The majority of our shawls and foulards are made combining different silk and cashmere yarns. Silk gives the garment resistance and cashmere add softness and warmth. We also work with delicate sequins and lurex yarns to offer unique and distinctive designs.
We offer two styles of blankets – one with a mix of cashmere, silk and camel hair and another style made of baby alpaca. Mixing cashmere, camel hair and silk creates a super soft and resistant blanket of exquisite quality. Our baby alpaca yarn contains a small percentage of silk which gives a texture that is thick and strong and at the same time lightweight and cosy..
Our necklaces are made ribbon silk or wool yarn. The wool we use is of the finest quality and feels nice and soft without irritating the skin. We wish that our clients feel protection and comfort when wearing our products.