Exclusive Yarns

Exclusive Yarns

Victoria de Talhora work exclusively with the best prime material in the world. Together with our loyal yarn distributors, we guarantee the quality of all the yarn we are using in our production.
The main materials that we incorporate in our production are:

exclusive yarns cashmere

A natural fibre, known for its excellence, obtained from a type of goat originally from the regions of Cashmere and Tibet. Cashmere is known for its extreme softness, warmth and lustrous quality, a result of its fine fibres.

exclusive yarns silk

This natural fibre has a unique combination of properties that no other fibre has - dry touch, natural shine, good humidity absorption and high resistance - all qualities which makes it unique and exclusive. Our Italian yarn collaborators create uniquely spun silk yarn specially made for Victoria de Talhora giving us the opportunity to create pieces you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

exclusive yarns camel hair

Camel Hair:
Natural fibre obtained from a type of camel originating from Central and Oriental Asia. It’s a long fibre with anti-humidity properties, which makes it ideal for outer garments. The production of camel hair on a world wide basis is limited - making it a very exclusive material.

exclusive yarns baby alpaca

Baby Alpaca:
Natural fibre obtained from the calf of the alpaca - a South American camelid species. Italian and Peruvian yarn makers process the baby alpaca’s softest hair, exclusively from Peru, to offer us a high quality yarn.