At Victoria de Talhora we weave each of our pieces with a gentle touch. Our traditional looms allow us to produce unique products and obtain the highest quality finishes, with seamless edges, following the strictest process of quality control.

Our head weaver has helped us since the begining of Talhora and has over 40 years of experience. Now, his daughter, who grew up playing between the fabrics of the factory, knows the traditional textile techniques to perfection, and is now the natural relay of her father.

In our workshop in Altea we finish each of our products by hand. We wash and dry them outdoors, trim the edges and finish each piece, before ironing. The finishing touches, the washing, conditioning, labeling and ironing, become a work of art that make a difference.

Finally, our products are put on show in our permanent Showroom in Altea, or in some of the stores or large warehouses of our clientel across the world.