Exclusive yarns


Our thread distributors guarantee with excellence certificates, the quality of the thread we use to weave our pieces.

As a concept, possibly the major pilar that sustains Victoria de Talhora, is the search for excellence when we choose our 100% natural yarns as prime material for the production of all our products, obtaining a large benefit in the quality of our work.

The main elements that we incorporate in our production are:



The natural textile fibre known by excellence, from the fleece of a type of goat originally from the regions of Cashmere and Tibet.


Italian threaders specially make us fantasy-like natural silk threads with which we can produce textile products of the highest quality, paying special attention to the fall and shine obtained by silk. It has a unique combination of properties that no other fibre has: dry touch, natural shine, good humidity absorption, nice fall, high resistance; qualities that make it a unique and exclusive material.


Camel Hair:

Natural fibre proceding from a type of camel originating from Central and Oriental Asia. It is a long fibre with antihumidity properties, that makes it ideal for coat products. The production of camel hair on a world wide basis is very limited, making it a very exclusve material.

Baby Alpaca:

Natural fibre of animal origin. It is obtained from the calf of the alpaca, a South American camelid species. Italian and Peruvian threaders process the baby alpaca’s softest hair, exclusively from Peru, to offer us high quality yarn.