Cashmere, silk, wool, camel hair

”Each step of our production is treated in an individual maner, from the origin of our 100% natural yarn, to each hand finished piece”

For over two decades, Victoria de Talhora has produced textile products of the highest quality at our workshop and factory in Altea, located on the Costa Blanca of the spanish Mediterranean sea.

All our products are designed and handmade with the best traditional textile techniques. For the design of our shawls, foulards, blankets and accesories, we use only the best 100% natural yarns of cashmere, silk, alpaca, wool and camel hair.

Victoria Muñoz, the owner and heart of the brand, started her journey in the textile industry at the age of 17. After many years of hard work and accumulated experience, Victoria de Talhora is an internationally known brand, with a marvellous team of workers from across the globe. Victoria de Talhora is a family company and we all share the same values and work ethic.

We really care about our customers, and we believe that is reflected in each piece we create.