Victoria de Talhora


For over two decades, Victoria de Talhora has crafted
products of the highest quality. For the design of our shawls,
foulards, blankets and accessories, we look for
the finest European yarns.

The Product

All our products are designed and handcrafted through the best traditional weaving techniques in our atelier in Altea, Spain.

The creative process, the production and finishing are strictly controlled to ensure the best results, ensuring that or utmost quality standards are met at all stages. Every step of our method is treated and tested individually — from the sourcing of our 100% natural yarns to the handmade finishing of each piece.

Each collection is a limited edition in its own right, and even though they are framed and inspired by seasonal trends each product remains timeless.


Whether an individual client, a boutique or a famous high fashion brand – we put the same love and care into the relationship with our clientele as we do in the creation of each one of our products. As a result, we have seen them coming back to us year after year, becoming true collectors of our brand.

Furthermore, we have had the pleasure of distributing our product to more than a hundred high quality boutiques in Spain, Europe and around the world, as well as having developed exclusive collections for global brands such as Loewe and Carolina Herrera.


The Victoria de Talhora products are luxurious fabrics, which requires delicate care.


PREPARE A "BATH": Fill a washbasin or sink with cool water and add 1 capful, of mild soap or wool & cashmere shampoo.

SUBMERGE ITEM: Gently agitate so your items will be evenly soaped and wet. Soak up to 30 minutes.

RINSE WELL: Run cool water through items until rinse water is no longer soapy. Wring slightly to drain the water.

IF THERE IS COLOUR IN THE WATER: This is normal; the yarn dye is simply releasing colour. You will not notice any loss of colour post wash


HANG TO DRY: It is not necessary to dry the item flat, simply hang it to dry. When drying, avoid direct sunlight and heat sources such as the radiator.

IRON: Iron on medium temperature.


Victoria de Talhora
C/ San Miguel 39
03590 Altea

Emails and calls in Spanish:
Victoria Muñoz
+(34) 965 844 725
Emails and calls in English:
Sandra Segersteén
+(34) 684 343 779
+(32) 475 720 996